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Turath was started in 2008 with the aim of preserving Egypt's weaving heritage. Located 20km north of the famous Pharaonic city of Luxor with little space for agricultural land, the village of Naqada has been a weaving center for centuries. Much of the weaving during the 1970s was produced to clothe the neighboring Sudan's brides on their wedding day. Colorful fabrics were characteristic of the village's production. 

With the start of the civil war in Sudan, business slowed and many weavers were out of work. They then turned to producing scarves for tourists visiting Egypt . Unfortunately, due to the unrest in the region and dwindling tourists, many of the weavers turned to other professions. We aim to provide continuing business to those who continue to weave. We feel it is our job is to keep placing orders of these beautifully woven scarves to preserve this centuries-old craft. 

Since 2012, Turath has branched out to support other artisan communities (and more recently local artists as well) in various areas of the country with the same aim of providing jobs to people affected by Egypt's struggling economy. In addition to scarves, our products include fashion accessories, loungewear, homeware, recycled paper products, toys, and gifts.

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Map of Egypt with Naqada
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